Lenten Prayer reflection by Phil Bacigalupo

Apr 11 2014

LK 11:29-32
Many people find consolation believing that Jesus will send them some sort of sign that everything will be okay. The Ninevites in the reading sought a sign yet God did not give them one. However, God sent Jonah to the Ninevites as He would later send His Son for us. Jesus is our sign of saving grace. If our generation today needs a sign that everything will work out, they simply need to remember Jesus and follow in His example. He is the divine model for how to live ours lives. His coming changed the image of a transcendent God, unknown to the Israelites, into an Immanent God that is more personal to us. This allows God to permeate all of our lives by simply spending time in deep and thoughtful prayer and being open to Him. By spending time with God, we will be listened to.