Lenten Prayer Reflection by Rebecca Silverman

Apr 10 2014

Genesis 17:3-9
We as humans understand the struggle of keeping promises and staying loyal, but by putting our trust in God, we can be promised eternal greatness. Without God and his love, we find ourselves becoming lost in this big world that we live in. In this week’s reading, God makes a covenant with Abraham, making him “the father of a host of nations”. God gave Abraham everything that he could ever have wanted with only one request: that he and his descendants must keep God’s covenant throughout the ages. Through God, we learn that all things are possible and that we can fully place our trust in him.

This reading explains how the Ten Commandments of our faith came about. These Ten Commandments are rules that Catholics, as well as the world, should follow and do their best to live by. Without rules or structure, the world can become a very scary and chaotic place which is why we should all look to God for the guidance we need to live our lives morally every day. God would never let us down and always puts his love for each of his children before anything else. God loves us no matter what, which is why we should always place our trust in him