Lenten Prayer reflection by Stephanie Gallo

Feb 26 2015

Reflection on Gospel Reading on 2/26
Matthew 7: 7-12
Sermon on the Mount:

The beginning lines of this Gospel passage are incredibly optimistic. In fact, one may think these verses to be too positive. How many times have we heard of others hurting and suffering? They must have called out to God, but no relief has been given to them.
The point of Jesus’ teaching is not that life is always good all the time, but instead that God is good all the time. Jesus is telling us that God is forever on our side.
It is essential to trust that God is good. Trust in God. Trust that God hears all of our prayers, even if we do not understand His answer to us. Trust that God opens doors for us, even if we do not see the opportunity immediately.
Trusting God will ultimately lead us to a better life; a life filled with joy, love, courage, and hope.
At the end of the Gospel, Jesus reminds us to treat others the way we want to be treated. Above all, this law means to love others. Having faith in God means treating others with respect, care, and love.