Lenten Prayer Reflection by Thomas Boylan

Mar 14 2014

Matthew 5:20-26
In the Gospel for March 12, 2014, we are told that we shall be held before a court for our sins. If we commit murder, grow angry, or judge based on actions, we will need to seek reconciliation. If you have sinned and want to be fulfilled in the love of God then you must go to confession before you are able to be wrapped in God’s love.
During Lent, reconciliation is especially important if we are to endure building our faith and love for Jesus. We must endure hardships every day, especially during Lent, and learn to give up the things that cause us to sin against Jesus or lead us away from the path to Heaven. By going to confession and asking for forgiveness, you show God that you truly want his forgiveness before you can indulge in His everlasting love fully.
Love and forgiveness are two very important things in our faith. They help us to spread greatness to others by Jesus’ example. It seems sometimes that it can be hard to love someone and forgive them for doing something wrong to you, but we need to overlook each other’s mistakes. We need to look at things from a different perspective. Hate can take you off the right path to heaven and harden your heart. If you are willing to love someone and forgive them, you give them a chance at renewal to prove themselves and show that they truly mean to strengthen their relationship with you, just as they would with God when confessing their sins. Embrace love. Embrace forgiveness. You can never go wrong with either of them.