Lenten reflection by Adraina Acerra

Mar 16 2015

JN 4:43-54
In today’s Gospel we hear the story of Jesus’ return to Cana in Galilee. Upon his arrival, a royal official seeks Jesus and asks Him to heal his son. He believes that Jesus will be able to work a miracle, as He did at the wedding of Cana. The official asks Jesus to come home with him to Capernaum, where his son is lying ill. Instead of following the man, Jesus simply says “You may go; your son will live”. As the man returned home, he finds out from his servants that his son has recovered at exactly the time that Jesus spoke those words of healing.
How often do we ask God for help? Although we believe in the wonder of God’s might, we try to confine His unlimited power. Like the royal official it is easy for us to believe that we know what is best for us. This leads us to ask God for what we think we need, instead of praying for the wisdom to accept what He will provide for us. The official thought it was necessary for Jesus to come see his son in order to heal him. By simply healing the boy by His words, we see that God’s power falls outside of the restrains of distance and time. This Lent, we as Catholics must place our trust in God’s plan no matter how different it is from our vision.