Lenten Reflection by Adrianna Duggan

Mar 17 2014

Psalm 79
The readings this week begin speaking of the incredible Father that we have. For, He knows that each and every one of us will sin, yet He loves us and forgives us, anyways. Psalm 79 reminds us to humble ourselves before the Lord in order to accept the love He offers us. Knowing that God is always there to forgive us, however, is not an excuse to continue on in our daily lives, not fully reconciling our sins. We are called to be like our Heavenly Father, in many ways. We are here on earth, to reflect the love our Father offers us, to those around us. The Gospel this week reminds us to be merciful as our Father is, for what we do will be reciprocated. If we forgive, we will be forgiven; if we stop judging, we will not be judged; if we give, we will receive.
These few commandments are not by any means as simple as they sound, but the message behind them is clear. If every day this Lent we could try to stop ourselves, from making a judgmental comment, or try to go out of our ways to be more generous. Perhaps by consciously doing more for others we could then notice all that is done for us a little bit more.