Lenten Reflection by Paige Melley

Mar 11 2014

Matthew 6:7-15
In this Gospel we are taught how to pray. It starts off by telling us that we should not say wordy prayers to get our point across to God but simply say the Our Father. The Our Father has almost always been a rock in our Faith. Whether it is said at Mass each Sunday, during the Rosary, or it is said in a personal prayer it is a prayer to God calling upon Him asking for his guidance throughout our lives. At the end it also makes the point that if we do not forgive others we will not be forgiven. This statement calls upon us to not only forgive others but also take it upon ourselves to go to Confession to be forgiven for our own wrong doings. During this season, Confession is given more often at your local parish and here at Kellenberg then it would be during Ordinary Time. The season of Lent is a time of forgiveness and transitions. It is a time for us to grow in our Faith and even make changes in our lives. Whether they are small or large changes Lent is a time for growth.