Marianist Schools Come Together for the Triumph of the Cross

Sep 15 2015

Article by Madison Callinan, class of 2018:

There was not a cloud in the sky on the day of the annual Triumph of the Cross Prayer Service! A nice, cool breeze and dropped temperatures made September 14, 2015 the perfect day to kick off the first of many faith events for this new school year!

When students walked into homeroom, they received ornately carved wooden crosses to wear and a blue prayer card with the Anima Cristi imprinted. Everyone couldn’t wait to venture outside, with the sun filtering in through the blinds. Students and teachers were greeted with the joyous sounds of the Gregorian Consortium, which sang psalms of glory and praise throughout the entirety of the service.

Kids couldn’t help singing along to “Lift High the Cross”, “Once Again”, and “We Will Rise Again”. As our celebrant, Fr. Tom Cardone, S.M. led the congregation in prayer and the blessing of the huge stained glass and stone sculpture of Jesus on the Cross. This elaborate structure is located directly across from the main steps.

Even if you were positioned further away, you could still smell the fragrance of incense and the sounds of the bells as Fr. Tom consecrated the holy scene. The students from St. Martin de Porres Marianist School, along with the Sisters of the Poor, or otherwise known as the “women in white”, were also present at the service, as well as many other members of the Kellenberg family.

Once the ceremony concluded, students were excited to enjoy their breakfast provided for their homeroom. Friends gathered in groups, talking and laughing while eating their midday snack. Freshman Lauren Glupe remarked, “The prayer service was great! The singing of the student choir made the day, and I loved the outdoor atmosphere!” 

View photos from the event here: