National STEM Day at KMHS

Nov 09 2018

On November 8, Kellenberg Memorial celebrated National STEM Day in the classroom throughout the day. Here are some of the activities that took place that day.

In Miss Ronan’s Honors Algebra II & Trigonometry classes,  juniors worked on “Pi in the Sky” problems from NASA.

In Mrs. Acardi’s and Mr. Casalinuovo’s Trigonometry classes, students studied the trigonometry behind the ride Expedition Everest preparing for their Senior Trip in the spring.

In Bro. Gary’s calculus classes, students watched a TED Talk on The Simple Genius of a Good Graphic

In Mrs. Riker’s sixth-grade Math classes, students worked together to build the longest chain they could.

In Mrs. Klein’s and Miss Frisina’s freshman Algebra 1 classes, students were challenged in math as well as logic and thinking and communication. Freshmen were challenged to make shapes they were assigned with popsicle sticks, then based on the shape, remove a certain amount of sticks to form that many squares.

Mr. Campbell’s Computer Science classes work in Python in class.

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