New Times Demand New Methods: Digital Application of the Ten Commandments

Dec 23 2014

Article by Christine Corio, Class of 2018:

This past month, the freshmen completed a Scripture project in which we had to study one of the Ten Commandments and complete several different tasks using various apps on their iPads. We were instructed to research what our commandment means today in 2014 and what God’s intention was when He gave Moses the commandment for Israel.

We were also asked to interview an adult, such as a parent, neighbor, or relative, and ask them what the commandment means to them and then create a modern moniker for the commandment including our own personal reflection on the commandment. Part of our project was also find two modern forms of media (newspapers, magazines, comics, bumper stickers, advertisements, etc.) that encourage the spirit of the commandment and two examples that discourage the commandment, and to include a quote from a saint, political figure, or author that supports the commandment. We were encouraged to be creative and interpret the commandment so we could apply its lesson to our daily lives.

Since the class of 2018 was designated as the inaugural class to forgo the traditional notebooks and textbooks on paper for the future of education using the iPad, we were strongly encouraged to make use of our device in order to create an interactive project (however, we were still given the choice work with paper as it was done in past years). My classmates and I were excited yet apprehensive to use the apps on the iPad, such as TouchCast, Glogster, PuppetPals, ExplainEverything, and a few others, to create my scripture project. However, once we received a tutorial in class and as soon as I downloaded the apps and started playing around and exploring what I could do with them, I began to become more comfortable with using each of them and decided that it wouldn’t be difficult to use the iPad after all.

Overall, the Scripture project didn’t seem like schoolwork to me and I began to have fun learning about God’s Laws and His intention behind them. Using the apps, I was able to make my project more interesting to read and enjoy. Ultimately, we were able to learn about the commandments so we can strive to follow these permanent guidelines, not as ancient laws, but as modern rules for how to be a good and faithful Catholic. Not only did we draw closer to God by researching and creating our projects, but we affected the lives of all the people that read our projects as now they also are able to closely follow the Ten Commandments as well since being educated about them.

Below are three selections from the Ten Commandments Scripture project from the class of 2018. Please enjoy!

Click the image below to view the First Commandment Project by Kimberly Lores
COmmandment 1

Click the image below to view the Third Commandment by Alexandra Lewis
Screen Shot 2014-12-23 at 8.09.18 AM

Click the image below to view the Fourth Commandment Project by Megan Sprotte
COmmandment 4