Newsday: Kellenberg star pitcher Jason Diaz is in demand

Mar 29 2019


Article by Newsday’s Roger Rubin:

When Jason Diaz began his freshman year at Kellenberg, he was a mystery man. By the end of his sophomore year, he’d become the phenom that pitched the Firebirds to a second straight CHSAA championship. He begins his senior season this week as Long Island’s most recognizable pitcher and a guy facing a decision every ballplayer would want come June.

Diaz will have to decide if he wants to join a major league organization or play for the hallowed University of Miami Hurricanes.

“I don’t see [that decision] as a dollars game,” Diaz said. “I’m going to think whatever they give me is what I deserve. And I am going to have the opportunity of Miami. I’m blessed.”

Photo Credit: James Escher

Diaz first came to the attention of Kellenberg baseball coach Chris Alfalla through a series of phone calls in October of 2015. All were inquiries about the new kid that had just enrolled at school with the 90 mph fastball. Alfalla hadn’t met him and came out of the calls with only a name: Jason Diaz.

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