O Peaceful Night: A Reflection on the Value of Life and its Gifts

Oct 22 2014

Article by Alexa Ford, Class of 2016:

I was lucky enough to become a part of Gregorian Consortium my freshman year. It was welcoming and comforting to know I became part of such an amazing group. We sing at every Mass in Kellenberg and at various events throughout the school year such as Angel of Hope, Triumph of the Cross, the 9/11 Memorial Service in Point Lookout, and many more. Aside from all our performances, we also put a CD out every year for the students, their families, and friends to hear. The Gregorian Consortium is moderated by Mr. Basile, Mr. Bursig, and Ms. Solimeno. Mr. D’Addario records and edits all of the tracks to release the best CD possible. The hard work always pays off, and the CD is always a hit! Probably like many other families, it is common to hear the Gregorian tracks playing throughout my grandma’s house and many others. The CD even makes its way to the Solomon Islands (through Bishop Chris Cardone), and is even able to touch hearts across the world!

I have grown in my faith being a part of this group. I have always struggled with my faith and I have found my safe haven at Gregorian. It has given me a place to become stronger in my beliefs and strengthen my relationship with God. I have always expressed myself through music, but it now has become a way of expressing my faith. I know every member of this group feels the same way, and we have grown into a family. We have all grown closer to God and stronger in our faith. There is nothing more any of us could ask from a group.

The upcoming CD is called O Peaceful Night. It has a variety of songs with different sounds and melodies. It symbolizes the importance of life; the cover of our album includes pictures of babies of the Kellenberg faculty members. In our culture today, many people forget the value of life. The hope and prayer of this CD is that the music shows that life and all it brings is truly a gift from God.