S.A.I.N.T.S. Prepare for Sophomore Retreats at Founder's Hollow

Sep 16 2015

Article by Erika San Antonio (Class of 2016): On Saturday September 12th, 40 Kellenberg Memorial Seniors departed for Founders Hollow retreat house in upstate New York on a spiritual journey. These 20 male and 20 female students composed a group of Senior Retreat Staff, also known as S.A.I.N.T.S (Seniors Assisting In Nuturing The Sophomores). Due to the previous responsibility and leadership presented by these individuals within the school community, these seniors were selected to aid moderators in the Sophomore Retreat Program. The role that accompanies this position includes ministering to the sophomore class and sharing personal faith experiences to enhance others, mentally and spiritually. Because of their first- year experience, sophomores have a tendency to grow over confident in their abilities, gaining the title, “wise fools.” The S.A.I.N.T.S provide them guidance and a foundation to continue their academics and faith life for the rest of high school without a wavering attitude.

At Founders Hollow, the activities ranged from cooking meals to saying prayers in the chapel to outdoor activities such as hiking. The scenery, which consisted of beautiful mountain ranges, fresh air, and clear blue skies, contributed to the meditative nature of the weekend. But, the most important event of the retreat was presenting personal experiences about doubts and second chances. By sharing our stories of recovery and revival, whether it is physical, mental, or spiritual issues, we became closer as a unit. Through the reflections, each member had insight to the intimate background of every individual on the retreat. This deliberative participation better prepared the seniors to help the sophomores in their struggles advancing through high school. Each senior no longer felt isolated, rather, a team with a common goal of enhancing the lives of these underclassmen by way of a full-day retreat.

The S.A.I.N.T.S. retreat was a success: with an eventual result of not only helping individuals but also helping the entire sophomore class as a section. Special thanks to Brother Roger, Mr. Cioffi, Mrs. Farrell, and Mr.York for moderating this event and providing guidance for the Senior Retreat Staff.