Sodality Helps Feed Those in Need

Apr 13 2016

On Sunday, April 10, 2016, Mrs. Harnisch’s Sodality participated in the 10th annual Long Island Lutheran High School’s meal packing service project for the second year in a row. After meeting at the front steps of Kellenberg at 11AM, we went to Sunday Mass together at St. Brigid’s in Westbury. The Gospel passage for this Sunday was very ironic for us because it was about how Jesus helped his apostles catch fish, and, in a way, our sodality was helping others in need receive meals.

At the service project, there were two different meals packed: one was “Pizza Mac,” a pizza flavored macaroni and cheese meal, and the other was a chicken and rice meal. We worked together as a sodality, resembling an assembly line; first went in the seasonings, then the protein, followed by the soy, and, finally, a scoop of pasta or rice, depending on the meal. The bags were then weighed and laid out until enough were prepared to fill a box. In total, we made 15,840 servings of the two meals in our two hour service period.

After leaving LuHi, our sodality drove to Buffalo Wild Wings and enjoyed Sunday dinner together. Overall, we had a great time and bonded together as a group. Mrs. Harnisch’s Sodality plans on doing the service project next year, which would be the third year in a row, and we are searching for more service projects to continue the school’s theme of S.O.S., or Service Over Self.