Sophomore STEM Field Trip to Brookhaven National Lab

Mar 04 2017

Friday, March 3, 30 sophomores spent the day at Brookhaven National Lab for a day of STEM learning. The morning challenged the students as the conducted soil remediation to remove iron from their soil samples using a technique developed at Brookhaven National lab. The lab combined Earth Science, Chemistry, Math, and some sophisticated technology for a very successful experience.

Lunch was paired with a STEM talk from Dr. Raul Acevedo-Esteves. Our students quickly realized how cutting-edge the field of science can be before the talk concluded with a video on microgravity flights with NASA’s Weightless Wonder.

The afternoon took the students into a deeper understanding of viruses. The outcome drew parallels to strep cultures, several other common viruses, and the importance of vaccinations. Thank you to Dr. Aleida Perez for an outstanding experience.​