Squires Shine in Inaugural Pro-Life Oratory Contest

Jun 06 2019

L to R: Hilary Heaney, Michael McQuaid, and Isabel Connolly

Congratulations to squires Hilary Heaney ’23, Michael McQuaid ’23, and Isabel Connolly ’23 who recently placed first in the inaugural Our Lady of Guadalupe Pro-Life Oratory Contest.

Through a grade-wide, inter-departmental collaboration during the second trimester, the eighth-grade class worked with their English and Religion teachers on crafting essays focusing on an area related to a pro-life topic.

“Prayer is a powerful weapon but we also must put our faith into action,” says eighth grader, Isabel Connolly. “A person might think that abortion seems like a simple answer to an unplanned or unwanted pregnancy,” Hilary Heaney explains, “and a lot of people think that it is okay. It is up to us to save these babies, as they are God’s creation, just as much as we are.” Michael McQuaid reminds people that, “there are thousands of pregnancy resource centers around the nation to aid with housing, medical care, and job placement assistance that are completely free.”

Isabel also attests that, “as Catholics, we have feasts such as the Annunciation and the Immaculate Conception which show life starts at conception. The Annunciation celebrates the moment Jesus was conceived and the Immaculate Conception celebrates the moment Mary was without the stain of original sin.”

From over 200 submissions, the top 22 finalists presented their essays during a morning assembly on May 28, 2019. Finalists were judged on the quality of writing as well as the spoken recitation of their entries. First, second, and third place designations received scholarships which may be applied to their high school tuition. The Our Lady of Guadalupe Pro-Life Oratory Contest was made possible by the generous sponsorship of Mr. Robert L. Dougherty, Esq., to whom Kellenberg Memorial is very grateful. Hilary, Michael, and Isabel will continue their Marianist education in the fall as freshmen of Kellenberg Memorial High School’s class of 2023.

Second Place Winners:
Isabel Louie
Kaitlyn Messina
Matthew Meaney
Olivia Carmody
Andrew Oldenborg
Lauren McCarthy
Alexa Mazzamuto
Dina Nightingale
Ryan Nunez
Nicholas Coretes
Third Place Winners:
Olivia Rinaldi
Margaret Drennan
David Hill
Francis Leckler
Thomas Mandato
Mia Chan
Benjamin Mann
Naomi Berry
Claire Gaffney
Augustus Mavrovitis

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