STEM Lecture Series Highlights the Field of Nursing

Dec 19 2017

Article by Jacklyn DeCady ’19:

On Wednesday, December 6, 2017, Kellenberg’s STEM Cluster held a talk for students interested in the field of nursing. Lisa Gallagher, a Nurse Practitioner from North Shore University Hospital, visited Kellenberg Memorial to educate students about nursing and the many career opportunities that it has to offer. Gallagher specializes in Cardiovascular and Thoracic surgery and spends most her time in the Intensive Care Unit.

Members of both the STEM Cluster and Kellenberg Memorial’s Health Sciences Club were presented with a slideshow that explained the various branches of the profession. In addition, the students were given a realistic idea of what they need to accomplish to become a nurse. Gallagher shared her own experiences in detail telling stories of her greatest triumphs while at the hospital, including the time she was given the opportunity to tell a patient they were receiving a much-needed heart transplant. Afterwards, the floor was opened to questions. The presentation left the students with a better understanding of what it means to be a nurse.

Kellenberg Memorial’s STEM Lecture Series continues in 2018 with dates and lectures to be announced early in the new year.