Students Celebrate With Residents of Queen of Peace

Feb 08 2017

By Madison Keller ’18:

For the past 27 years, Kellenberg Memorial students have been participating in Junior/Senior Prom at Queen of Peace Residence run by the Little Sisters of the Poor. The students started the night by picking up their dates at their rooms and then heading down to the auditorium where they had a picture taken, exchanged corsages, and took a seat to get ready for the wonderful night of music and dance.

Throughout the night the students engaged in conversation and danced to the music provided by the Irish Mist. The students talked to their dates about their life, family, and what their life consisted of when they were their age. The residents talked about their time in the war, what they did for a living and how those jobs shaped the, into who they are today.

Sergio Arrega, a sophomore at Kellenberg who participated in the event, said, “Participating in this opened my eyes to how we as young people should care for elders and be a source of comfort in their times of need.”  At the end of the night the students escorted our dates back to their room and thanked them for the fun night.

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