Students Receive Bloomberg Certification through partnership with Molloy College

May 01 2019

On Tuesday, April 30th, 24 seniors from the Business and Finance Club traveled to Molloy College to receive certificates of completion for the Bloomberg Module Training. The path to graduation began back in October and has taken the Seniors until just a few weeks ago to complete. Through the partnership, our students learned how to use the Bloomberg Terminals and analyze Macro-economy, Foreign Exchange, Markets, Equities, and Bonds. The students attended 2 lectures in the fall given by Business School Professors Dr. Peter D’Antonio and Dr. Robert Goch before they began their training on the terminals. The students used the terminals to complete four learning modules. Each module ranged in time from 1 hour to 3 hours. It took the students between 8-10 total hours to complete. The club traveled to Molloy many times to allow for the opportunity to finish the modules.

The graduation ceremony was attended by Dr. Maureen L. Mackenzie, the Dean of the Molloy Business School, as well as Dr. Robert Goch, and Kisha Chandler who served as Molloy’s liaison with Kellenberg. The students discussed with Molloy faculty what they learned over the past few months, how to further their career in the business field, and how the Bloomberg training assisted them in their future studies. They were also presented with new opportunities offered at The Molloy Business School. Each student received their certificate of completion at the end of the ceremony. This is quite an accomplishment. Congratulations to all who achieved these certificates.

Students who earned certificates were:
Sean Blumlein
Kyle Brady
John Carroll
Nick Castellano
Karolina Chroscielewski
Christopher Clark
Conor Drogalis
Christopher Ferrara
Matthew Gluck
Jennifer Greene
William Hom
Thomas Hopkins
Tyler Kollman
Jacob Konopka
Meryl Lennon
Rocco Loscalzo
Christopher Martinucci
Tyler Martinus
Matthew Morales
James Netska
Brian O’Connor
Joseph Plachcinski
Annalyn Pupke
Joseph Tallini

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