The Class of 2018 - “Let FAITH Arise”

Oct 19 2014

Article by Paige Perrone and Stephanie Parmiter, Class of 2018:

As incoming freshmen we presumed that Freshman F.A.I.T.H. Day was a way to keep the freshmen doing something while the upperclassmen took the PSATs. We couldn’t have been more wrong!  The main goal at Kellenberg is not only to educate the mind, but the Kellenberg faculty also strives to educate the heart.  That is what FAITH Day taught us this past Wednesday.

The faculty encourages students to “let faith arise” in every way they can, especially on this day. To initiate the day, all the freshmen watched the film, Facing the Giants, in their homeroom. This film stressed that all things are possible with God. It showed how a struggling football team changed their philosophy, to create an environment where God is the most important thing. The team prayed to God in good times and in bad, which sets an example of how we should live. This movie demonstrated how we need to prepare for God’s work and pray for others and their successes rather than only our own needs. This movie not only inspired athletes, but it showed that in every aspect of our lives, God will prevail.

Shortly following the film, the Freshmen were escorted to the Gymnasium where a full chorus rehearsal and an Instructional Mass were held in an effort to adjust the Class of 2018 to the Kellenberg Mass, which is always full of spirit and song. Mrs. Zider led us through the songs we would be singing in the Mass. The music prepared our minds and hearts, and put them in a holy place to prepare us to be in the presence of The Lord. After the practice, we celebrated a Mass in which Father Philip K. Eichner, S.M. showed us the importance of each response and part of the Mass.

The students then ate a communal lunch on St. John Field, and huddled themselves with homeroom chants and spirit for the upcoming homeroom competition.  Kick ball, tug of war, GAGA ball, A-Ball, and crab soccer put the focus on faith and teamwork so that the students could bond with others in their shared goal of winning.  The purpose of the games was not only to have fun, but to teach the students the importance of teamwork!  By the end of the day, friendships were strengthened between the students and the fun, and competitive sides of teachers were exposed!

Kellenberg’s goal is to make each and every student closer to God and to let their “faith arise.”  Freshman F.A.I.T.H. Day stimulates this process and allows students to open up to God and accept Him in his/her life. In every aspect of the Kellenberg education, God is the center, and is there for us when we need help.  We look forward to more class events and Faith Fridays where we can further our growth in the education of the heart.

Acts 4:32 “The community of believers  was of one heart and one mind…”