XLT Retreat Prepares Band for First XLT on October 12

Oct 04 2016

Members of the XLT Band from March 2016

By Ismenia Ginebra ‘18:

Faith, friends, and fun are just a few words to describe the retreat the XLT Band had this past week. The XLT band, once a month, provides the music at Kellenberg’s XLTs, a night of Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. The retreat serves to provide the chance to get to know our fellow band members and grow in our relationships.

With dinner to start, our night went immediately into Adoration. Being that our job is to lead the student body closer to Jesus through our talents of music, having the opportunity to be on the receiving side of it was very special and awesome to have. It allowed us to renew our intentions and have deeper goals, to use our desire for our classmates to grow closer to God as motivation for our future XLT’s.

Guided by reflections and many songs, our time in prayer took our faith to another level and united us together. Lourdes Rohan ’18 sums it up beautifully on her sentiments about adoration, “For the second year in a row, XLT retreat gave me the opportunity to engage in the most intimate form of worship I have ever experienced. Our adoration united the band in prayer and reminded us why we do what we do. There is no better feeling than coming together as a band to ask God for the strength to help lead our classmates to Him.”

After adoration, we moved into some fun icebreakers, allowing for some laughs and fun. The rest of the night was spent in relaxation and quality time amongst ourselves. The following day, the band participated in another activity: writing our own songs with themes. Our creativity was put to the test, to see which group could come with the funniest, wittiest song. We all enjoyed hearing each other’s songs as well as seeing them perform it. In addition, we also watched a video that taught us more about XLT, how it began, and the impact it has on many.

Our time together overall was certainly filled with many memories, and our relationships with each other are truly stronger. This my third year in the XLT Band, I really can say that my faith has grown stronger being a member, and being able to use my talents, as well as support the talents of others, has been worthwhile. Please pray for our ministry in serving the Kellenberg community, and come to an XLT this year to see what we are all about!! I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Join us for the first XLT of the year on October 12.

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