Faith Friday: CROSS Freshman & Sophomore Evening of Recollection

Oct 24 2012

Article by Patrick Fitzgerald, Class of 2015

On Friday, October 19, 2012, Kellenberg’s freshmen and sophomore divisions took part in a life changing event– the C.R.O.S.S. Evening of Recollection. During the night, the students learned valuable life-lessons, had fun with their fellow classmates, and had a unique and personal experience of God. The life-lesson was given by our own principal Brother Kenneth Hoagland, S.M.. He spoke about how we have to open our eyes and hearts to Christ and though our the eyes to our hearts may be impaired, we must do things to make our vision better. As wearing eyeglasses helps us to see, we must do things that will help us open our hearts to better see Christ. After the lesson by Brother Kenneth, Mr. O’Brien shared with us the importance of faith and following God’s plan for our lives. The first part of the night ended with some fun as students, Mariansit Mentors, and faculty competed against each other in a pie eating contest.

Dinner followed were everyone shared a delicious meal and social time with their friends. After dinner, senior Meghan McQuillan shared her witness experience of the importance of putting God first in her own life, and her experience of God in adoration. Fr. Thomas Cardone, S.M. then said a few words as we prepared to close our night. The evening concluded with an experience of God in Holy Adoration for an hour. Adoration was lead by Fr. Lachlan Cameron who shared some stories, reflections, and encouraged students on what they should take away from the night. Mr. Harnisch said before adoration to make this, “the best adoration you have ever had,” and many students were able to do so. The evening was attended by over 600 students from both freshman and sophomore classes, showing that the Year of Faith is truly alive at Kellenberg and off to a great start.