Junior Faith Friday

Jan 28 2013

By Christina DiMasso, Class of 2014

On Friday, January 18, members of the Junior class returned back to school at night for another Faith Friday. The night began with prayer in the auditorium led by Father Thomas Cardone, S.M.. Then the many juniors who attended gathered in the cafeteria for a warm, delicious dinner complete with ice cream sandwiches for dessert. After eating and socializing with peers the class moved back into the auditorium for a film. We then watched the movie Life is Beautiful after Mr. Finn spoke briefly about his first experience with the film. The movie was touching and inspiring. All of the students were deeply moved. The film was comical and entertaining, but it was also a wonderful display of a man’s faith. The night strengthened the student’s faith through prayer and the film, and it was also a great opportunity to socialize with friends. The Junior Class looks forward to the next Faith Friday event.