Meredith Kass '19 Meets Pope Francis

Nov 03 2018

Meredith Kass ’19 gives Pope Francis a t-shirt from the Catholic Experience Summer Program at Kellenberg Memorial

Article by LI Herald’s Timothy Denton:

Make-A-Wish grants wishes for those with serious chronic disorders that affect the quality of their lives, Kass said. “Some of my friends thought it was strange that I didn’t wish for something else,” Kass said. “But I’d been interested in him since he was elected when I was in sixth grade,” she said of the pope.

Her church history class had read about papal elections, she explained, so she followed the progress of then Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio from his position as archbishop of Buenos Aires to bishop of Rome. If all goes well, she will attend the pope’s Sunday Angelus address in St. Peter’s Square, a general audience next Wednesday and a more private meeting with a smaller group.

While she was excited to go to Rome, Kass said, she felt that Make-A-Wish should have singled out someone else. “It’s like, others might need it more,” she said.

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