National Chemistry Week Celebrated at Kellenberg Memorial

Oct 25 2018

Students test different devolved metals with a Bunsen burner to determine which elements are present.

Article by The Phoenix reporter Randi Titus ’19:

The celebration of National Chemistry Week is in full swing in the halls of Kellenberg Memorial. The week is an annual event held in the United States to raise public awareness of the importance of chemistry in everyday life. This year’s theme is “Chemistry is out of this World.” Chemistry teachers and administration have come together to make this week as fun and as educational as possible for students.

In preparation for this week, student-created element and other chemistry-themed posters hang proudly around the school. Balloons, streamers, and signs decorate the classrooms. The chemistry teachers will sport a chemistry t-shirt each day. Students will be doing labs and fun activities throughout the week.

Every day this week, a chemistry commercial is played to kick off the day. Alumni, who have gone on to careers in science, have recorded videos to share a little bit of what they do. On Tuesday, the Chemistry Department hosted a chemistry puns and puzzles challenge after school. On Thursday, there will be a heated game of chemistry bingo. Tasty treats will be given out as prizes.

To bring an end to the exciting week, the Chemistry Department will be awarding students with chemistry t-shirts. 80 juniors will be given shirts for their accomplishments during class and labs.

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