The Phoenix: Seniors' New Off-Campus Parking Option

Nov 19 2018

The parking garage at RXR Plaza across the street from Kellenberg Memorial’s campus.

By Phoenix journalist Mary O’Connor ’21:

In order to accommodate student parking needs, this year Kellenberg Memorial High School has contracted with RXR Corporation to reserve around 90 spaces of their parking lot across Glenn Curtis Blvd. for the sole use of Kellenberg seniors.

This new parking opportunity offers many benefits to those who drive to school. Free of cost, each student will receive a guaranteed, designated parking spot. In an interview, the Dean of Students, Mr. McCutcheon, “urged all eligible Kellenberg student drivers to utilize the space.”

The benefits of the new parking spots include RXR security routinely patrolling the area, alleviated worry from the dangers of receiving parking tickets, neighbor complaints, or damage to vehicles by parking in the surrounding neighborhood and the convenience of not having to wait to leave school grounds until the buses depart. Students will be able to leave their car in their space every school day from 7 A.M. to 10 P.M. Kellenberg has also petitioned the Nassau County Police Department for a crossing guard to ensure safety at arrival and dismissal times. Since the newly acquired spaces provide additional room for parking, more student drivers may commute to school in their cars, lessening the burden on a working parent who would otherwise have to add an after-school pick-up to his or her day.

When asked about the feedback he had gotten from students, Mr. McCutcheon said he had gotten “nothing but positive responses.”

Erin Burkhardt, one of the seniors who has already taken advantage of the new lot, reported, “[The parking lot] is convenient. I don’t have to worry about getting here early.”

Signing up for a parking space is easy. Students first fill out an application at the dean’s office. Then, they are then given a parking tag and a Kellenberg parking sticker.

This article will appear in an upcoming edition of The Phoenix, Kellenberg Memorial’s student-newspaper.
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