Tyro Kasey Kennedy Competes in Regional Spelling Bee

Mar 19 2014


Brother Joseph C. Fox’s seventh grader Kasey Kennedy recently participated in the regional Spelling Bee at Hofstra University. Kasey qualified for Hofstra as one of the winners in the Latin School annual spelling bee. She competed with thirty students in grades six, seven, and eight and completed eleven rounds of spelling words that progressively became more difficult as the rounds continued. Therefore, joining 107 competitive spelling participants at the Hofstra Spelling Bee was a welcoming challenge for Kasey Kennedy. She first had to complete a written spelling test narrowing down to 40 contestants. Kasey then proceeded to the next phase of the competition comprised of spelling dictation by the judges to the remaining candidates on stage. After her elimination, Kasey left Hofstra University with a personal photo, plaque, tote bag, a hand-held dictionary, and a memorable experience. Congratulations to Kasey Kennedy and her rewarding accomplishment in this spelling event.