2019 Freshman & Junior Varsity Athletic Awards

Nov 18 2019

2019 Fall Freshman & Junior Varsity Athletic Award Winners

Junior Varsity Volleyball

Hayley Judge
Bernie Ward Commitment Award

The Commitment Award is given to an athlete who represents the best of Kellenberg. She should live the mission, be a leader, be selfless and understand the big picture. Without question, we were blessed to have a player who possesses all of these qualities. Our Commitment Award is being given to Hayley Judge, who sacrificed all year and selflessly served her team. As Hayley grew into a leadership role, she flourished on and off the court. It has been a joy and privilege to coach Hayley; she is a beacon of light, with kindness and heart that represents Kellenberg so very well. Congratulations Hayley on being named the Commitment Award winner for 2019!

Olivia Carmody
Most Improved Player
This young woman epitomizes fearlessness. Diving, laying out, whatever you call it, she will never let up; she is a warrior. This player improved dramatically over the season going from a non-starter to a pivotal player on defense. Work ethic unparalleled, willingness to learn and coachability are all required for personal growth, and this young woman possesses all this and more, which allowed her to become a “go-to” player. It is with great joy the coaching staff has selected Olivia Carmody as 2019’s Most Improved Player.

Alex Eakin
Most Valuable Player
The Most Valuable Player goes to a player who truly elevated herself in every game to be the best she can be. There was comfortability among the coaching staff that this player would be able to get her job done, no matter the job. She led the team in digs and was unflappable in even the most pressurized situations. She has ball control, court awareness and a very high volleyball IQ, all things that cannot be taught. Alex Eakin is our 2019 Junior Varsity volleyball Most Valuable Player. Congratulations Alex!



Junior Varsity Dance Team

Jessica Bryant
Bernie Ward Commitment Award
Every girl on this team has shown dedication to the sport by attending weekly practices as well as early morning Saturday practices. However, dedication is not just 100% attendance. True dedication is showing up every day eager to improve and learn and this dancer has done just that. Her work ethic and positive attitude at each and every practice have made her an integral and influential part of this team. We commend her commitment this fall season and cannot wait to watch her continue this throughout the winter season. This season, the Bernie Ward Commitment Award goes to Jessica Bryant. Congratulations!

Leah Tilocca
Most Improved Award
This year’s Most Improved Award goes to a dancer who has continuously developed her technique and overall presence in the dance room. We have had the pleasure of watching her hard work show by being able to adjust her own dance style to match and blend as one with her teammates. She is always looking to improve and seeking advice from coaches and teammates in order to do so. We have watched her become a developed and gifted dancer. We are very happy to have this opportunity to recognize how far she has come as a dancer and how enjoyable she is to coach. This season’s Most Improved Award goes to Leah Tilocca. Congratulations!


Isabelle Bongiorno
Most Valuable Award
We are proud to present the title of Most Valuable Player for this Fall Season to a dancer who has shown the true meaning of an MVP. This dancer had caught our eye from the first day of tryouts and continued to impress us at each practice. Her technique and performance presence are beyond impressive and continued to mature throughout the season. Her passion and dedication to dance are apparent to everyone who walks in the room. Due to some personal setbacks, this dancer persevered with grace and strength throughout the season. Her overall personality, respect to coaches and teammates, and true passion have earned her the title of Most Valuable Player this season. Isabelle Bongiorno it has been a pleasure to have been your coaches and we cannot wait to continue to watch you you’re your dance career. Congratulations!



Girls Freshman Cross Country

Jill Tocco
Bernie Ward Commitment Award
This is a young lady Bernie Ward would be proud of. She combines hard work with sustained dedication, competitive “moxy” as Mr. Ward would call intestinal courage, and talent to boot. She was a major part of putting the glue in the marvelous chemistry of this young team and we are honored to award this season’s Bernie Ward Commitment Award to Jill Tocco.

MacKenzie Casey
Most Improved Player
This young woman never shirked in a practice, never backed off a hard workout, and the result was she improved an incredible three minutes on the championship freshman one and one half-mile course at Sunken Meadow. She was a crucial scorer in that championship meet as well as our third scorer in the Intersectional plaque winning freshman championship meet. We are honored to award this season’s Most Improved Player to MacKenzie Casey.

Caleigh Hopkins
Most Valuable Player
This young lady is forging a path to becoming one of Kellenberg’s great distance runners in their long legacy of athletes. She was our number one scorer in all but one freshman race throughout the season, and she finished her season by being part of the Varsity squad at the CHSAA Intersectional Championship Meet. We are honored to award Caleigh Hopkins this season’s Most Valuable Player award.


Boys Freshman Cross Country

Connor Ronan
Bernie Ward Commitment Award
This year’s Freshman Boy’s Cross Country Bernie Ward Commitment Award goes to Connor Ronan. Connor is one of the hardest workers we have on the entire team out of all age groups. His level of commitment has helped him to improve a great deal in both the 1.5-mile race and the 2.5-mile race this season. For all these reasons, this year’s Bernie Ward Commitment Award goes to Connor Ronan.

Camilo Serrano
Most Improved Player
This year’s Freshman Most Improved Runner goes to Camilo Serrano. Although Camilo has been one of the team’s top runners throughout the season, he improved dramatically during the season. He improved so much that he was the team’s top scorer for multiple meets towards the end of the season. This year’s Most Improved Runner goes to Camilo Serrano.

Noah Jackson
Most Valuable Player
This year’s Freshman Cross Country Most Valuable Runner Award goes to Noah Jackson. Noah was our top freshman runner in almost every meet this season. In addition to being our top runner, Noah was also a great team leader. For example, on an average day, Noah can be seen leading the freshmen team through warmup and drills without being asked to by the coaching staff. For all of these reasons, this year’s Most Valuable Runner is Noah Jackson.


Junior Varsity “B” Football

Frankie Leckler
Bernie Ward Commitment Award
Since the first week of tryouts to the last week of practice, Frankie demonstrated what it means to be committed to bettering himself and his teammates. Frankie never once let his teammates down and was always the first person to take on any responsibility asked of him. Frankie played on offense, defense and was on special teams. At practice, Frankie never once asked out of a drill, sprint or any type of football workout. He always listened to his coaches looking to improve his skills each day. Frankie clearly embodies what it means to be a Kellenberg Football player and what a committed player means to a team.

Matthew Ragusa
Most Improved Player
Matthew improved exponentially this season. Coming into tryouts with little football knowledge and experience, Matthew quickly stepped up to be one of our best defensive players on the team. Everyday Matthew came to practice ready to play and learn. He listened to his coaches every day to better understand the game of football and the position he played. As the season progressed, Matthew became a leader on the team and was looked up to by other players on the team. This year’s Most Improved award for Junior Varsity “B” football goes to Matthew Ragusa.

Christopher Moore
Most Valuable Player
Since the two-a-day practices in August, Chris has demonstrated what it means to be valuable to a team. Chris was the team’s leading rusher on offense and the middle linebacker on defense. Throughout the season, Chris showed determination and a willingness to succeed. After the team lost the first 2 games of the season, Chris went on to help lead the team to back to back wins. If Chris continues to push himself and his teammates, he could establish himself as one of the most dynamic players in the CHSFL



Junior Varsity “A” Football

Brendan Leahy
Bernie Ward Commitment Award
Any winner of the Commitment award should be seen as the “worker”. Our award winner exemplified that by coming to practice every day, and attending voluntary workouts throughout the season and the summer; and through his hard work, he became a constant force on the playing field. This young man started at running back and linebacker and was on every special team throughout the season and never once asked for a break. He has a “team-first” mentality which is an immeasurable value in high school athletics. Congratulations to Brendan Leahy!

Christian Terranova
Most Improved Player
This award goes to a player that came in with an attitude of improvement, and left with the talents he was searching for. Throughout the season he worked tirelessly to perfect his craft at the cornerback position, and in doing so, became a vital aspect of our defensive game plan each week. Congratulations to Christian Terranova!

Ethan Greenwood
Most Valuable Player
When measuring a player as “most valuable” another term that could be used is “irreplaceable”. In a pass-heavy offense, a coach asks a lot of a sophomore quarterback. Between reading defenses, hitting his targets, or knowing when to take matters into his own hands and run the ball, Ethan showed that he was accepting of these challenges, averaging almost 200 passing yards and 2 touchdown passes per game. We as coaches are excited to watch Ethan continue his success at the next level. Congratulations to Ethan Greenwood!



Junior Varsity “B” Cheerleading

Jenna McGuiness
Bernie Ward Commitment Award
Jenna has shown 100% dedication to the sport of cheerleading since she first put on a Kellenberg cheerleading uniform. Her positive attitude and drive for perfection have demonstrated what being a member of this team means to her and that there are no limits to hard work. Her commitment towards her teammates, coaches, and the sport shows each and every practice. This season’s Bernie Ward Commitment Award goes to Jenna McGuinness.

Mary Kate O’Donnell
Most Improved Player 
Marykate has grown tremendously since the first day of her cheerleading career. Although she was asked to try a stunting position she was unsure of at tryouts, she trusted her coaches to make the best decision for her. Three months later she has proven to be one of the best flyers on the team by mastering any skill asked of her and doing so confidently and with a smile. Mary Kate’s work ethic and drive have helped her become an extraordinarily talented cheerleader and we are so excited to see her develop even further as a Kellenberg Cheerleader.

Katherine Marino
Most Valuable Player
Katherine Marino truly represents what it means to be a Kellenberg cheerleader. Throughout the season the coaches could always count on her to have an open mind to anything put her way. As one of the strongest bases on the team she never once complained that something was too difficult or scary for her. She has excelled in her jumps and tumbling throughout the season and never settled for anything less than perfect. She demonstrates exceptional leadership values and truly has a bright future within the cheerleading program. This season’s Most Valuable Player award goes to Katherine Marino.



Junior Varsity “A” Cheerleading

Jackie McCarthy
Bernie Ward Commitment Award
The Bernie Ward Commitment Award goes to a cheerleader who has shown endless dedication this season. Every practice, this cheerleader pushes herself to go above and beyond what is asked of her. We could always count on her to work hard at anything put her way, and she would always do so with a positive and determined attitude. Unfortunately, her season was cut short due to an injury, but we are so excited to have her back for the winter season. Her commitment to her teammates, coaches, and the sport is evident each and every practice, and we’re looking forward to watching her continue to grow as a cheerleader. This season’s Bernie Ward Commitment Award goes to Jackie McCarthy.

Gianna Truisi
Most Improved Player
The most improved cheerleader is a young lady who worked consistently to improve herself in all aspects of cheerleading. She has shown great improvement in her stunting and tumbling skills, and she continues to push herself and her teammates at each and every practice. She has a great work ethic, positive attitude, and is a pleasure to coach. We look forward to watching her continue to progress in the future and are so proud of how much she’s learned this season. This season’s Most Improved Player is Gianna Truisi.

Brianne Zaremba
Most Valuable Player
This season’s most valuable player is a cheerleader who is valuable not only as an athlete but also as a leader and teammate. This young lady has consistently excelled in every aspect of perfect. When learning a new stunt, tumbling skill, or jump, she never settles for anything less than perfection. She is an all-around cheerleader with strong stunting skills, beautiful tumbling, and flawless jumps. This cheerleader is an absolute pleasure to coach, and her talent and leadership qualities are unmatched. This season’s most valuable player is Brianne Zaremba.



Girls Junior Varsity “B” Soccer

Nahima Michaud
Bernie Ward Commitment Award
The Bernie War Commitment Award goes to a player who puts their heart and soul into the Girls Junior VarsityB Soccer team this past year. This player would play each game as if it was a championship game. She led the team with encouragement whenever a fellow player scored or had a great pass. When she finally got her chance to score in the final game, everyone on the field and bench roared, because her hard work had finally paid off. This player was complemented by referees for her leadership and sportsmanship and displays a true commitment to herself and her team. This award goes to Nahima Michaud.

Michelle Torres
Most Improved Player
The most improved player tried out for soccer as a sophomore for the first time. She started as a defensive player but ended up loving midfield. This player came to practice ready to learn new skills to better her soccer career. She became a force on the outside mid to help slow down the attack from opponents. Her perseverance in practice and in games made her a pleasure to coach. This player completes this soccer season as a better athlete than she was before due to her dedication and hard work. The coaches encourage her to keep working hard in future athletic endeavors. This award goes to Michelle Torres.

Skylar Goodman
Most Valuable Player
The player who is most valuable to the girls Junior Varsity B soccer team embodies the qualities of a leader and essential to the success of the team. She is the core of the defensive unit. This player is the last line of defense on the field always keeping the opponents away from scoring. She motivates each player to better themselves on and off the field. She is a player who can succeed anywhere on the field. The coaches will miss this player, her dedication, skill, and effort next year and wish her the best of luck in her future athletic abilities. The girls Junior Varsity B soccer most valuable player is Skylar Goodman.



Girls Junior Varsity “A” Soccer

Generosa Kubanick
Bernie Ward Commitment Award
Generosa Kubanick is the recipient of the Bernie Ward Commitment Award. Generosa was a player that the team could count on to play her hardest and do her best every time she stepped onto the field. She was the glue for this team in the center back position. She was always in the right place at the right time and came up with huge plays consistently throughout the season. She has a love for the game which made her a pleasure to coach.

Gianna D’Amato
Most Improved Player
The Most Improved Player Award goes to Gianna D’Amato. Gianna started the season off as a defender but then rose to the occasion to be an outside midfielder when the opportunity arose. She worked hard in practices consistently which eventually earned her a starting position in the lineup. Gianna came to practice each day ready to learn and have fun. Her skill and knowledge of the game improved dramatically throughout the season.

Lindsay McShea
Most Valuable Player
The Most Valuable Player Award for the Junior Varsity A girls soccer team goes to Lindsay McShea. Lindsay was a game-changer and had the ability to play any position on the field. As a co-captain, she lead by example and always gave 110% in both practices and games. She was an offensive threat and lead our team in goals for the season



Boys Junior Varsity “B” Soccer

Ryan Sharky
Bernie Ward Commitment Award 
Ryan was a player that knew it was not about the individual but it was all about the team. He took every practice very seriously and gave his all in every game. Ryan’s commitment was clear and never wavering from our first practice until our last game. Always being the first person to a team huddle or the last one to leave the field Ryan is an excellent player with a lot of heart and will continue to show that in his years at Kellenberg.

Augusto Lebron
Most Improved Player
Augusto started off the season as our back up Goalie. After speaking to him and seeing him in practice working on his own we decided to give him on try on the field. Augusto continuously improved, contributed and eventually ended up being our starting center midfielder. Augusto became a necessity in the middle of the field for us and had an excellent season of growth.

Patrick GaNun
Most Valuable Player
Patrick was one of our returning Sophomores to the Junior Varsity B program. Coming off a strong season Patrick knew what was necessary to have a winning season. Being a leader on and off the field he helped his fellow teammates developed and improve. Patrick was the lead goal scorer on our team with game-winning goals and assists. His contributions were immense and only overshadowed by his work ethic. He is not only a hard worker but an excellent team player.



Boys Junior Varsity “A” Soccer

James Cavallaro
Bernie Ward Commitment Award
James defines the word commitment and team player. James was a returning goalie for us, but by the end of the season when the team needed some help at forward, James was willing to help the team out. He scored in each of his first two games at forward and proved to be a physical force up top. James’ leadership and willingness to help the team were essential in the team’s success during the final weeks of the season.

Julian Castillo
Most Improved Player
Julian was as steady as they come for us as the season progressed. He made a name for himself during his first year on the team. Julian was very quiet at the start but proved to be one of our better defenders as the season went on. He played many positions for us and never once questioned why he was being put there.

Adrian Nowak
Most Valuable Player
During Adrian’s first year on the “A” team, we knew we were getting an incredibly hard-working and competitive player and he proved that each day of the season. He led by the example he set on the field, not to mention the countless big saves he made to keep us in games. Adrian’s coachability will help him to excel not only in soccer but in anything he puts his mind to. Kellenberg soccer is in good hands moving forward.

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