2019 Freshmen & Junior Varsity Spring Athletic Awards

Jun 07 2019

On Tuesday, May 28, the Underclass Spring Athletic Awards Assembly was held at Kellenberg Memorial to honor the freshmen and junior varsity athletes of the 2019 spring season. Awards were given for most committed, most improved, and most valuable athletes on each team.

The Most Improved Player Award is awarded to the athlete who displayed the greatest amount of improvement and growth in their skills which contributed to the success of their team.

The Bernie Ward Commitment Award is named after our beloved former faculty member, coach and colleague Bernie Ward is for the athlete who has displayed the most passion and commitment towards bettering themselves and their teammates during the season.

The Most Valuable Player Award is awarded to the athlete whose contribution to the team contributed most towards that team’s success during the season.

Boys Junior Varsity A Lacrosse

Michael Gillam

Bernie Ward Commitment Award

Michael Gillam was one of our best all-around players, he could have easily decided to just be an offensive player for us but wanted to be on the field as much as possible.  Playing defense, clearing the ball, being a wingman on faceoffs, in addition to his offensive efforts; Mike was truly a “two-way middie’.  Mike did whatever was necessary for the team and was always open to any idea the coaches had to not only put himself but his teammates in the best position possible to succeed.  Although all of this extra work sometimes worked to the detriment of his own personal statistics Mike facilitated the offense for others and always played selflessly.

Ryan Cuddy

Most Improved Player

Ryan Cuddy got the starting job a few games into the season.  The coaches were not certain what to expect with the change in the cage.  Some early season growing pains only led Ryan to work hard and demand more for himself.  Devoting himself in practice to perfecting his craft it was great to see focus and growth every day.  Each time on the field Ryan was noticeably better culminating with his best two games of the season in the regular season finale and the playoffs making 10 stops and 14 saves respectively.

Colin Richards

Most Valuable Player

Colin Richards was a starter last year as a freshman and after the season asked the coaches what he could do to get even better.  He was told to work on his footwork and get stronger in the weight room.  Colin came in this season in great shape and ready to play at a high level from Day one.  Always matched up against the opposing teams best offensive player Colin never backed down.  In addition, he was always handling the ball for us on clears as well as being the vocal leader of the defense.  If this wasn’t enough in our final games Colin faced off for us when we were overmatched doing a great job getting possession for the Firebirds when we needed it most.

Girls Junior Varsity A Lacrosse

Jessica Lampasone

Bernie Ward Commitment Award

Jessica Lampasone is the recipient of the Bernie Ward Commitment Award. Through the highs and lows of the season, Jessica always showed a high-level commitment to this team through her leadership skills as a co-captain. She was the backbone to our team and always pushed other teammates to be their best. She always came to practice with a positive attitude and that became contagious to her teammates. She was a very hard worker and worked endlessly to improve her skills.

Katie Rogan

Most Improved Player

The Most Improved Player Award goes to Katie Rogan. Throughout the season she continuously strived to improve in every aspect of her game. She became one of our best attackmen and defenders were scared to play her because of her quick moves and eye for the goal. She always put in maximum effort and asked questions to improve her skills. She has a true love for the game and it became evident in every contest we played.

Nicole Nagengast

Most Valuable Player

The Most Valuable Player Award for the JVA girls lacrosse team goes to Nicole Nagengast. Nicole was the unsung hero throughout the whole season. As a defender, she never got the accolades for goals score or beautiful assists made. Instead, she was a force to be reckoned with in our defensive third. She made critical plays in high-intensity situations constantly. She always played with confidence and poise. She led by example and always gave 110% in both practices and games.

Junior Varsity Softball

Colleen Jennings

Bernie Ward Commitment Award

Colleen Jennings came out to play each and every day. She worked hard the first few weeks earning herself a starting spot in our lineup. She was a staple to our outfield and became someone we could count on in a tight situation. Colleen learned to use her “track star” skills when running the bases and even listened to all our tips to help her become a better hitter. Each day Colleen was someone on the team that her teammates could rely on. Colleen worked hard each day and always put the team first. We are looking forward to your continued success and are looking forward to your future in our program. Congratulations!

Jennifer McAndrew


Most Improved Player

Jennifer McAndrew came to tryouts strong off the bat. She impressed each of the coaches with her athleticism. When we offered Jen a spot on the team and asked what position she likes to play she told us “wherever you want me.” We decided that first base was going to be her spot to learn. Each day we worked with Jen on some first base boot camp and by the middle of the season, she began to look more and more natural at the position. Jen has improved greatly with her athleticism for our sport but also her instincts of knowing where the plays needed to happen. She has worked hard each day and continuously asked what she could do to get better. Congratulations!

Nicolette Picone

Most Valuable Player

Nicolette Picone had a .582 batting average and led the team in RBI’s with 28. She was voted as one of the captains of the team. She was also one of our pitchers. She pitched 46.1 innings, had a 6-1 record, allowed 9 runs during her days in the circle and struck out 89 out of the 186 batters she faced. Nicolette was someone the coaching staff could put in the circle, at first base or in the outfield and knew plays would be made. Nicolette also did a great job motivating her teammates, especially in close game situations. She knew when it was time to work and when it was time to have fun. The coaching staff is looking forward to your future success with our program. Congratulations!

Junior Varsity B Baseball

Vincent Napolitano

Bernie Ward Commitment Award

When out at sea, if one does not have an anchor, the ship will hopelessly drift, and when the waves are rocky, the anchor provides stability to allow the captain and crew time to devise a strategy for survival, and if in battle, victory. Vincent Napolitano was the anchor of the 2019 Junior Varsity “B” Baseball Team. As a catcher, Vincent “stole” several borderline strikes with his excellent receiving skills for an 11-man pitching staff. He called a superior game from behind the plate and threw out 8 would be base stealers. At the plate against league opponents, he led the team in batting, hitting .345, and led in RBIs with 9, including 4 against St. Anthony’s in the semi-final playoff victory. It is often said that the catcher is the most important defensive position on the field, the only player who faces all of the action, while wearing the “tools of ignorance” (catcher’s gear), directing the defense, all the while sacrificing his own personal glory for the good of the team. Vincent’s fiery demeanor on the field and in the dugout is something that cannot be taught or faked. We were so fortunate to have a player on our team like Vincent Napolitano, the Junior Varsity “B” Baseball Bernie Ward Commitment Award winner.


Will Hudson

Most Improved Player

Every baseball team needs an imposing figure in its lineup who can surely ignite a rally or finish one off by getting runs home. If you’re at the ballpark, you defer your trip to the concession stand when he is coming up to bat, because you know something exciting can happen. Will Hudson did not make a Junior Varsity team last year, but it was evident at tryouts and throughout the season that he spent the last 12 months working to become a better player. All he did was hit cleanup for the team, hit .333 to all fields, and play a smooth 3rd base. Will always kept a contagious even-keel demeanor, often keeping things loose with his great sense of humor. Congratulations to Will Hudson, the Junior Varsity “B” Baseball Most Improved Player.

Steven Hardiman

Most Valuable Player

Teams are lucky if they have a player toward whom the team gravitates, respects, and whose lead it follows. This player looks effortless in his movement, cool and calm against all adversity, sometimes goofing around to keep everyone loose, and most importantly, plays every pitch as though it were his last. Steven Hardiman is this player. Steven was the ace of the pitching staff, often matching up with the opposing team’s best pitcher, quietly at times racking up strikeouts, grinding his way out of trouble, and giving the team a great chance to win. In 35 innings pitched, he had a 2.60 ERA, and 32 strikeouts, both which led the team. Steven hit leadoff for most of the season, hitting .286 in league games, leading the team in runs scored and walks. He saved his best performances for the beginning of the season, where he tossed 5 innings of a combined no-hitter, and the post-season where he threw a complete game 3 hitter, striking out 6, which included striking out the side in the final inning. In total for the playoffs, he hit .500 with 3 runs scored and 2 walks. For a young man who played so many roles, played them so well, and is as tough a competitor as they come, Steven Hardiman is well deserving of the 2019 Junior Varsity “B” Baseball Most Valuable Player Award.

Girls Junior Varsity B Lacrosse

Kali Maroney

Bernie Ward Commitment Award

Kali Maroney is the recipient of the Bernie Ward Commitment Award for the JVB lacrosse team this season. Kali showed her commitment to the team by putting it first. She worked extremely hard to improve her skills over the season. Kali quickly became a “go-to” player on this team. She was ready and willing to fill any role the coaches needed her to. Whether it was midfield or attack, Kali was someone who put the team first to help them be successful. She was extremely coachable and was willing to listen to her coaches and teammates in order to get better. The coaches are so proud of Kali and cannot wait to see how she impacts the program in the future!

Megan Cosgrove

Most Improved Player

This season’s most improved player is Megan Cosgrove. Megan joined our team as a freshman with very little lacrosse experience. Last season Megan worked hard to improve on her skills and received some playing time. When Megan showed up to tryouts this year, the coaches could tell right away that she had worked very hard during the offseason to get better. Megan earned herself a starting position on our midfield line and scored one of the first goals of the season. Megan was also voted as the captain by her teammates. The coaches are so proud of Megan’s accomplishments and successes this season!

Claire Carney

Most Valuable Player

This season’s most valuable player is Claire Carney. From the beginning of the season, the coaches knew Claire was going to be a key leader on this team. She is energetic and enthusiastic and always showed her desire to improve. As a starting defender, Claire helped to the team’s communication and caused many key turnovers. Claire even went on to attack and scored a goal. Claire always used positive words to encourage her teammates. Before tough games, it was Claire who would talk to the team and get them excited to play the opponent. Claire is an excellent role model for the other players on the team and the coaches hope she continues to be a strong leader throughout her high school career. The coaches are so proud of Claire and all of her accomplishments this season! We cannot wait to see how she impacts the lacrosse program in the future! Congratulations Claire!

Boys Junior Varsity B Lacrosse

Jake Binkley

Bernie Ward Commitment Award

This year’s Bernie Ward Commitment Award winner is Jake Binkley.  Being a second-year player on JVB, Jake was quickly elected a captain by the coaching staff.  Jake was a vocal leader who also led by example.  Jake was able to take all he had learned from his first year on JVB to mentor and guide the new freshmen on the team.  Jake would play with a desire to win and would often play until he was near complete exhaustion.  His fire on the field and great personality will be missed next year.  The coaching staff firmly believes Jake will continue to contribute to the lacrosse program and is excited to see where his future will take him.

Matt Cleary

Most Improved Player

This year’s Most Improved Player is Matt Cleary.  Matt began the season as an attackman that could catch and throw well but was lacking other characteristics to make him a clear starter.  Within the first three weeks of the season, Matt clearly displayed to the coaching staff that he was ready to play and perform at a high level.  Matt quickly became the “go-to” attackman who selflessly put the offense on his back several times throughout the year.  His five goal, three assist game against St. John’s was the clear highlight of his season.  For the last three weeks of the season, he was nominated a game captain by the coaching staff to reward his hard work and dedication to the team.  The coaches are very excited to see how far Matt’s lacrosse career can go here at Kellenberg and beyond.

Kieran Neville

Most Valuable Player

This year’s MVP is Kieran Neville.  Kieran was the backbone that held our team together.  He was elected a team captain early in the season by the coaching staff and led by example throughout the year.  Day in and day out, Kieran selflessly sacrificed his body for the betterment of the team.  He, unfortunately, missed the last few games of the season due to injury.  It is a strong belief among the coaches that if he was healthy for the whole season, the team’s record would have been over .500.  Kieran’s warm personality, passion to win, and big smile will be greatly missed next year.  The coaching staff is excited to see what he can do on the varsity level next year.

Girls Freshman Track & Field

Chrystelle Senatus

Bernie Ward Commitment Award

It takes a lot- practice, conditioning, drilling, learning a new skill, honing confidence, to be a successful hurdler. But this young woman sustained all those necessary efforts and it resulted in key points and a bronze medal in the hurdles at the Freshman championships. We are honored to award Chrystelle Senatus the coveted Bernie Ward Commitment Award.


Isabella Espina

Most Improved Player

This young lady exemplifies the commitment of the long pursuit of excellence. Injury hobbled her from even completing her initial cross country season. She showed small gains of improvement in the winter track season. But that persistence paid off in Spring where she improved greatly in the 800 meters and was a pivotal relay scorer in the freshman championships. We are pleased to award Isabella Espina this season’s MIP award.


Maeve Duggan

Most Valuable Player

Totally new to both the sport and the event, this young woman became one of the top freshman throwers in the Catholic league. She won the CHSAA freshman intersectional discus and scored key points in the shot and discus at the NSCHSGAA freshman-sophomore championships. A leader by example, we are honored to award Maeve Duggan this seasons MVP award.

Boys Freshman Spring Track

James Mormando

Bernie Ward Commitment Award

James Mormando works very hard every day at practice. He has done so six days a week for all three seasons. He has been a great team player throughout his time on the team. He does whatever the coaching staff ask of him to do, and he always gives 100% effort. The Spring Track Bernie Ward Commitment Award goes to James Mormando.


Noel Jackson

Most Improved Player

Noel Jackson improved dramatically this season. He went from being a good runner during the winter track season to be a great runner for the spring track season. The high point for our season was when Noel chased down all other relay teams in the 4×400 meter relay at the NSCHSAA Championship to bring home the victory for the Firebirds. The Spring Track Most Improved Runner goes to Noel Jackson.


Bradley Lazo

Most Valuable Player

Bradley Lazo had a tremendous season. He was the only athlete on the team to win a medal at both The NSCHSAA and CHSAA Championship meets as an individual. He was also a great relay leg runner. Whatever relay we need Bradley to run whether it was 4×8, 4×4 or 4×1 he did, and he did a great job at it. The Spring Track Most Valuable Runner goes to Bradley Lazo.

Junior Varsity A Baseball


CJ Picone

Bernie Ward Commitment Award

CJ Picone joined the JV-A team as a freshman last year and had an immediate impact.  CJ came into this season motivated and determined to work harder and achieve greater success. He ended with a .297 batting average, accumulated 14 RBI’s in 18 games, and led the team in doubles and runs scored. CJ’s greatest impact is his defensive versatility. With the ability to play any position on the field, his athleticism was impactful in centerfield. Opposing teams were in awe by some of CJ’s catches and tracking ability on fly balls that would normally drop in for extra bases. We look forward to watching CJ’s continued success in the baseball program over the next two years.


Ryan Gaudioso

Most Improved

Ryan Gaudioso came into tryouts in March with impressive athletic ability and versatility for a freshman. Planning on using Ryan strictly as a pitcher was initially the plan of the coaching staff, but Ryan had more to prove than that. Given an opportunity is something Ryan took advantage of and never let go of it. Getting the start in left field vs. St. Anthony’s, Ryan hit a clutch, bases loaded double to score two runs at a much needed moment in the season. From that point, Ryan hit .304 in 12 games in left field while totaling 5 singles, 2 doubles, 10 RBI’s, and 9 runs scored. We are proud of Ryan’s hard work and look forward to his future success in the baseball program.


Joe Durso

Most Valuable Player

Most Valuable Player: Joe Durso came into his second year as a starter and leader for the JV-A Baseball team. As the everyday catcher and the captain of the defense, Joe Durso’s presence and on-field command helped guide our entire pitching staff to its best team ERA ever! Offensively, Joe had a .351 batting average, .466 On Base Percentage, 20 hits, 1 homerun, and 15 RBI’s. Joe was a crucial part of the Junior Varsity-A team during both years that he served as the starting catcher and has an extremely bright future ahead of him.


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