The Kellenberg Memorial High School course of studies has been drawn up in conformity with the school’s consistent policy of promoting the greatest intellectual competence together with the highest moral character. The scope of the curriculum provides for a liberal education which meets the most stringent of college entrance requirements.

Course Descriptions:


The Art Department seeks to provide some of the fundamentals of art and to expose students to a wide range of artists and their works, via art history and the studio experience. All sixth grade students take Art 6 and all eighth grade students take Art 8. All Seniors will take Art 12. Seniors are offered an elective course entitled Art Portfolio Preparation, to better train them and gain additional material for their college-entrance portfolio


Computer Education is a one year program for all high school students. During the Sophomore year, a half-unit course in computer education is given. Computer is orientated to key boarding and word processing. Advanced Computer Applications is an elective course offered to Seniors.


The English Program combines the study of literature with developmental instruction and exercise in composition, grammar, vocabulary and reading. Classroom discussion of reading assignments covers the major aspects of American, English, and world literature. The writing program covers seven years. Students in the Academic II program take two classes in English, which provide intensive instruction to improve their writing and reading skills.
All sixth grade students take reading. Seniors in the Academic I program take English College Writing in place of their foreign language course.


Kellenberg Memorial High School offers a four-year program of studies in French, Latin and Spanish for grades 9 – 12. High school students in the honors program study Foreign Language for four years, while the students in the Academic I program study Foreign Language for three years. Students in the Latin School study Latin in grades 7 and 8.


The Health Education course is given during the Sophomore Year . The principal aim of the Health Education course is to develop in the student a clear understanding of the principles of physical and mental health habits and behavior.


Latin School students take three years of history. Courses for the high school include a year of World History, a year of European History and a two year course in American History which includes Economics in the senior year. Students also examine current events, studying contemporary trends in the context of political, economic and social history.


The math program seeks to emphasize the basics of computational skills, as well as developing a conceptual understanding of math. Students are required to take math during each year. The high school math program consists of the traditional program of Algebra, Geometry, Algebra II and Trigonometry . The senior course is Pre-Calculus for students in the Honors and Academic I programs. Students in the Honors program are required to complete a project in math each year.


All 9th grade students participate in a 1/2 credit Music Program. An introduction to Music course is given to all students during their Junior Year. This course presents the historical development of music and includes biographies of master composers, their principal works, and their contribution to the advancement of musical composition. All seventh grade students take Music 7, which presents fundamentals of music theory.
High School students may choose perform in the Chorus, the Band or the Orchestra. Interested students should arrange an audition with the appropriate director. All Latin School students perform in Chorus, Band, or Orchestra.


All students are required to take six years of physical education for grades 6 – 11. Juniors on an athletic team are exempt from Physical Education class for the trimester of that athletic season. The activities of the program for the six years are physical fitness testing, body conditioning, weight training, gymnastics, badminton, softball, basketball, team handball, lacrosse, soccer, touch football, volleyball, wrestling, archery, floor hockey, track and “project adventure.” Freshmen study the martial art of Tae Kwon Do.


The religion program seeks to demonstrate the vitality of Christ’s message to the present age and to impart an understanding of the Roman Catholic tradition. The seven-year course includes the study of Scripture, the person of Christ, Church History, the sacraments, the growth and development of the person, self-knowledge, human relationships, the meaning of Christian maturity, faith and belief in God.


Juniors are provided with an SAT Prep course as part of their regular schedule. This course meets during the regular school day. The purpose and intent of this course is to prepare the students for the SAT Exam. No academic credit is awarded for this course.


Latin School students take science in the sixth grade, life science in the seventh grade and physical science in the eighth grade. Students in grades 9 – 12 are required to study four years of science. These students usually take earth science, biology, chemistry and physics.
The goal of the science program is to develop and encourage an appreciation and an understanding of significant natural occurrences, facts and events in human experience.