A special program for Juniors!

“Taking the next step toward a future in the world of science” 

What is Kellenberg’s Chemistry Seminar all about?
Many Juniors at Kellenberg Memorial High School find that their chemistry class has opened their minds to new areas of science and also sparked an interest in pursuing chemistry further.
In response to the interest expressed by many students, the faculty at Kellenberg has designed the Chemistry Summer Seminar’s curriculum to align with the content of the Chemistry SAT II. In order to help Juniors maximize success on this particular subject test, students will complete SAT II Chemistry review questions and practice tests.  Students will utilize their iPads to access this review material.
In addition to further preparing students for college chemistry courses, the seminar also reinforces laboratory techniques through hands-on chemistry lab experiments.
Who should participate in this program?
Any Junior who has found chemistry interesting should consider participating in the Summer Chemistry Seminar.  More specifically, a student considering a career in any of the following fields:  

  • Doctor/Surgeon
  • Physician’s Assistant
  • Science Teacher   
  • Nursing
  • Physical Therapy
  • Ecology
  • Exercise Science
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Engineering                  
  • Nutrition
  • Pharmacy
  • Forensic Chemist           


“Quantitative analysis identifies an unknown substance based on its chemical properties.”

The Laboratory Experience

  • A significant portion of the Summer Chemistry Seminar will be devoted to the laboratory experience of chemistry.
  • In addition to demonstrations, seminar participants will learn practical, hands-on laboratory techniques.
  • After reviewing proper safety techniques, students will perform a range of experiments and record information on their iPads.


   “The purpose is to extend the concepts and principles of chemistry that were covered during the school year which will be further explored during the seminar program.”

What are some topics for seminar classes and labs?
Some of the topics that may be covered both conceptually and practically through hands-on laboratory work include:

  • Finding the empirical formula of a chemical compound using experimental data
  • Graham’s Law of Diffusion
  • Observing and quantifying gas by using the Ideal Gas Law
  • Hess’s Law for exothermic reactions
  • Factors affecting the rate of a chemical reaction
  • Determining solubility constants
  • Serial Dilutions
  • Determining molar concentrations using titration techniques

Summer Chemistry Seminar Information
The dates and times for the 2017 seminar are as follows:
June 23 and 26_30 from 9:00 am until 12:00 noon.  
The Seminar is available to all students at Kellenberg who are currently taking Chemistry.   
Students are responsible for returning their iPads at the conclusion of the seminar.
Additional information and registration procedures will be presented to students during their chemistry class.
For further information please contact:
Mrs. Maryann Graziano, Seminar Coordinator
Mr. Kenneth Conrade, Assistant Principal for Academics