Lenten reflection by Gabby Carnazza

Filed under Lenten Prayer Reflections on March 4, 2015


Mt 20:17-28 In this gospel reading, Jesus tells the disciples the many atrocities He will soon face in the hands of the Gentiles. He predicts His passion, specifically pointing out His scourging and crucifixion. Jesus concludes with saying that He will rise again on the third day. Soon after this news, the mother of James and John approaches Jesus. She requests that her two sons be at the right and... Read More

Lenten prayer reflection by Ryan Kennedy

Filed under Lenten Prayer Reflections on March 3, 2015


MT 23:1-12 ​This reading is a very good one for the time of lent. It is telling us to wash ourselves clean of our sins clean and start fresh. For us this could mean going to confession to wipe ourselves clean of all our misdeeds. Also this quote can helps us to see how we can improve ourselves and maybe stop doing some of the sinful things we do. This lent I will try and avoid some of the sinful... Read More

Lenten Prayer Reflection by Patrick Pallisco

Filed under Lenten Prayer Reflections on March 2, 2015


Luke 6:36-38 ​In today’s Gospel, Jesus, speaking to his Apostles, presents a familiar teaching to us: Do not judge others, but be merciful. This does not mean we should allow others to sin, but that we should correct them and bring them out of sin. We cannot judge or condemn others, but we also can’t condone their sin. We must show mercy and compassion without compromising to sin. Jesus goes... Read More

Lenten Prayer Reflection by Anna Bongiorno

Filed under Lenten Prayer Reflections on March 1, 2015


Mark 9:2-10 This gospel reading is the transfiguration. Jesus takes his disciples Peter, James and John atop a high mountain by themselves to pray. Jesus’ clothes became white, purer than any fuller on earth could possibly bleach them. Then, Elijah appeared along with Moses and was conversing with Jesus. The disciples were stunned and terrified. Then a cloud came over them and said “This is my... Read More

Lenten Prayer Reflection by Jake Ziede

Filed under Lenten Prayer Reflections on February 28, 2015


Matthew 5:43-48 In the Gospel, Jesus gives his disciples a challenge: to give love and kindness to all people without exception. The old order instructed the Jews to love their friends but hate their enemies. To combat this, Jesus parallels the Father’s love with the love we are all called to give. Jesus compares that love to the forces of nature. Sunshine does not discriminate against those... Read More

Kellenberg Memorial Celebrates Lent 2015

Filed under ARK on February 27, 2015

Lent2015 copy

This Lent…What Can I Do To Grow Closer To Jesus? Daily Mass at 7:20AM or Midday Prayer before lunch. Visit the Blessed Sacrament in the chapel on Monday and say a prayer each afternoon. Remember to say morning and night prayers…Express gratitude to God! Consider saying the Rosary daily or weekly. The Sacrament of Reconciliation is available. Feel free to make an appointment with one of... Read More

Lenten Prayer Reflection by Eddie Cramsie

Filed under Lenten Prayer Reflections on February 27, 2015


MT 5:20-26 In this Gospel reading Jesus is telling his disciples about forgiveness and how all of us are called to virtuous lives. Jesus shows us the perfect example on how to be forgiving through his sufferings on the cross saying to his father in his last words forgiving the men who were persecuting him because they did not know what they were doing. Even though sometimes it may seem that forgiving... Read More

Lenten Prayer reflection by Stephanie Gallo

Filed under Lenten Prayer Reflections on February 26, 2015


Reflection on Gospel Reading on 2/26 Matthew 7: 7-12 Sermon on the Mount: The beginning lines of this Gospel passage are incredibly optimistic. In fact, one may think these verses to be too positive. How many times have we heard of others hurting and suffering? They must have called out to God, but no relief has been given to them. The point of Jesus’ teaching is not that life is always good all... Read More

Lenten prayer reflection by Brianne Polehinke

Filed under Lenten Prayer Reflections on February 25, 2015


LK 11:29-32 In this Gospel reading of Luke, Jesus is speaking to the crowd of people about Jonah, the prophet to the Ninevites. He compares Jonah’s message to that of his own, saying that as Jonah was a sign to the Ninevites, the Son of Man will be that sign to the current generation. But, even so, Jesus says that something greater than Jonah is in their midst, meaning himself as the Son of God. We... Read More

Lenten Prayer Reflection by Patrick Fitzgerald

Filed under Lenten Prayer Reflections on February 24, 2015


Matthew 6:7 In todays Gospel we hear the institution of the Lord’s Prayer. Christ says to us that in praying we must not “babble” but instead God knows what we want and he knows of what we need. He gives us the Lord’s Prayer to say because we need to reflect on what we have done and see that God wants us and that we must let His will be done and not ours. Towards the end of... Read More

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