Kellenberg Students Awarded at Annual Respect Life Contest

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Kellenberg Memorial High School students seized an unprecedented first place victory in four out of seven categories of the 2015 Diocesan Respect Life Contest. Their submissions were selected from over a thousand entries island-wide. Participants were asked to creatively address one of the life issues by submitting a poem, essay, photograph, bookmark design, photomontage board, video clip, or song... Read More

Kellenberg Hosts Annual Catholic League Communion Breakfast Featuring Dr. William Donohue

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Catholic League Communion Breakfast 2015-1575

On Sunday, April 26, Kellenberg Memorial High School hosted the annual Catholic League Communion Breakfast. The attendees were members from the four local high school Catholic League chapters (Kellenberg, Chaminade, Sacred Heart, and St. Anthony’s), as well as members from the Long Island chapter. The Mass was celebrated by Fr. Philip Eichner, S.M., Chairman of the Catholic League, and the... Read More

Lenten Prayer reflection by Adriell Louis

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JN 13:21-33, 36-38 In this solemn portion of the Gospel, Jesus tells his disciples of His grim fate, though they do not fully understand it. He begins by indirectly calling out Judas, dipping a morsel from the Last Supper and handing it over to him. He tells Judas, “What you are going to do, do quickly.” Judas seems to have reached a point of no return. In this moment, Satan has entered... Read More

Sister Ann Thomas O.P. (’09) Speaks at 28th Annual Communion Breakfast

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Article by Christina Benintendi & Mary Cannatella, Class of 2018: Last Sunday, March 22, Kellenberg Memorial High School held its 28th annual Communion Breakfast for freshman and Latin School students. This event started with Mass in which the freshman class and Latin School students participated with a banner and cross precession. The Mass was celebrated by Fr. Thomas Cardone, S.M, who had... Read More

Lenten Prayer Reflection by Steven Risso

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MK 15: 1-39 This gospel reading is one of the most important in the bible and also one of my favorites. Whenever I read this passage I think that if Jesus was able to endure all of this pain and suffering for me then why cant I go to church every Sunday or pray every night. Why shouldn’t everyone be able to carry his or her daily crosses without complaint? I feel that this passage symbolizes not... Read More

Lenten Prayer reflection by Mary Kate Shea

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Jn 11:45-56 ​This Gospel reading emphasizes the importance of doing God’s will, even under difficult circumstances. In this Gospel reading, Jesus has just performed the miracle of raising Lazarus from the dead, and the news of this marvel has quickly spread among the people. The Pharisees, fearing that the Romans may destroy the nation if the people start following Jesus, take Caiaphas’ advice... Read More

Lenten Prayer Reflection

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JN 10:31-42 In this gospel, Jesus is being accused of blasphemy. Yet, it is this impossible position for him. He cannot deny who he is and that He must do His Father’s works…and this simple truth results in accusations of lying and blasphemy. Have you ever been caught between a rock and a hard place? You want to tell the truth, but it might result in rejection or persecution? In that moment,... Read More

Lenten Prayer reflection by Robert Romano

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JN 8:51-59 A covenant is an agreement or promise that someone makes with God. When we live our daily lives we as Catholics have made a covenant with God, which is always to honor our God, and to obey the 10 Commandments. Now that we are in the season of lent our will to strengthen and renew our relationship with God increases. We make a covenant with God for the 40 days of Lent, which states that we... Read More

Lenten Prayer Reflection by Katherina Palion

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Lk 1:26- 38 Today’s Gospel is about the angel Gabriel’s annunciation to Mary that she is pregnant with the Son of God, whom she is to name Jesus. Even though Mary has no relations with a man, through the incredible power of God, she conceives a child. Mary’s faith in God has won her favor with Him, as the angel tells her. We too, should reflect on this idea that God will reward us... Read More

Lenten prayer reflection by Paul Samson

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John 8: 21-30 Jesus’ speaking to the Pharisees in today’s Gospel initiates their belief in Him, as He emphasizes that He is of greater power and origin. Jesus emphasizes that unless we come to fully believe in Him and turn away from our transgressions, we cannot live with Him after our deaths, for we will die with sin in our hearts. The most prominent words He speaks in this gospel read: “When... Read More

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