Kellenberg Memorial Seniors Embark on Service Mission to Lourdes.

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Dear Kellenberg Memorial Family, On Wednesday, August 5, Mr. Eric Harnisch and Mrs. Trista Harnisch departed for Lourdes, France with thirteen members of the Kellenberg Memorial Class of 2016. They have embarked on a two week service mission to assist with the hundreds of pilgrims who have traveled to Lourdes for prayer, healing, and spiritual support. With their days full of prayer and works of mercy,... Read More

Kellenberg Athletes Retreat Reflection

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Article by Tim Betz, class of 2017: The team sports retreat for my JV A soccer team was a great team building experience. The retreat helped me connect with God and come closer with Him through my sports. Through each team building activity, I was reminded how important it is to have God as the central part of my life in everything that I do. The first team building activity that we did had us break... Read More

Annual May Crowning Prayer Service at Kellenberg

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Article by Katherina Palion, class of 2014: On Friday, May 22, the annual May Crowning prayer service took place. Every May, Kellenberg sets aside a day to honor the Virgin Mother Mary in a special way by crowning her statue that is outside by the main entrance. During the month of May, Christians offer up to our Mother an especially fervent homage of prayer and veneration, both within the church... Read More

Members of Freshman C.R.O.S.S. Visit the Bristal for Spring Dance

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Jr-Sr Prom_Bristol-1718-L

Article by Maggie Ledwith, class of 2018: On Thursday, May 7, 2015, very enthusiastic members of Freshman C.R.O.S.S took a trip to the Bristal Residence for a spring dance with the members of the home. The older men and women were all dressed up and excited for the night. You could tell by the excitement in their eyes it was nice for them to receive our attentive company. For the few hours we... Read More

Bishop Chris Cardone Leads Kellenberg’s Easter Prayer Service

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Article by Paige Perrone, class of 2018: On Tuesday, May 19, Kellenberg Memorial High School was visited by an honored guest during the Easter Prayer Service. Dominican Bishop Chris Cardone, O.P. of the Solomon Islands traveled 9,000 miles to KMHS to reunite with his brother, Father Tom Cardone, S.M. of Kellenberg and to explain his important mission in the Solomon Islands. The service opened... Read More

Students Asked to Support Bishop Chris Cardone, O.P. & the Catholic Schools of the Solomon Islands

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Bishop Chris Cardone, O.P. with school children from the Solomon Islands (2009) Father Chaminade tells us that “We are all missionaries”. Our mission at Kellenberg Memorial extends beyond classrooms, athletic fields, and clubs. Our daily mission extends to St. Martins with our efforts of S.M.A.R.T. and National Honor Society. Our foreign mission has been with Bishop Chris Cardone, O.P. and the... Read More

A Student Reflects on Freshman Girls Retreats at Kellenberg

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Article by Ismenia Ginebra, class of 2018: At Kellenberg, we are offered many opportunities to grow closer to God, one of which is the retreats. A retreat is special privilege to go on, for you get the chance to step back from your ongoing busy life and reflect on your personal relationship with God. It allows you the necessary time needed to take a break from all the distractions and focus on Jesus.... Read More

Anthem Lights Performs at Kellenberg Spiritual Day of Recollection

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Article by Sabrina Zaffiro, class of 2016: An annual faith event is held at Kellenberg Memorial High School for underclassmen while the senior division is in Disney World. The purpose of this special assembly is to draw Kellenberg students closer together in a joyful, spiritual, and positively influential environment. In 2013, students welcomed the Josh Blakesley Band. A year later, the director and... Read More

New Eucharistic Ministers Commissioned at Kellenberg

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Article by Emily Clark and Christina Engelke, class of 2016: As the end of the year quickly approaches for the senior class of 2015, many senior leadership roles are now being passed on to members of the junior class. One such role is that of Eucharistic Minister. On April 30, 2015, fifty-four members of the junior class were commissioned as Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion. Prior to the Commissioning... Read More

Kellenberg Students Awarded at Annual Respect Life Contest

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Kellenberg Memorial High School students seized an unprecedented first place victory in four out of seven categories of the 2015 Diocesan Respect Life Contest. Their submissions were selected from over a thousand entries island-wide. Participants were asked to creatively address one of the life issues by submitting a poem, essay, photograph, bookmark design, photomontage board, video clip, or song... Read More

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