Juniors & Seniors Participate in Northwell Health SPARK Challenge

Nov 21 2019

For the first time, Kellenberg Memorial High School students participated in the Northwell Health SPARK challenge.  The team at Northwell put together the STEM experience for our students on Wednesday, November 20.  To start the day, students met with the Robotic Surgery Service Team consisting of surgeons, nurses, managers, and hospital administrators.  Dr. Todd Goldstein presented his work in 3D printing and provided a tour of his lab.  From CT scans, models are printed in his lab to allow surgeons to “practice” before surgery to decrease time in the OR. This 3-D printing lab is one of 12 labs in the country doing this work. 

Students were then shuttled to the Bioskills Learning Center where we met with a robotic surgeon.  We learned about the evolution of robotic surgery in just the past 10 years.  The students were allowed to train on the robotic surgery simulators that surgeons train on.  Then, they were allowed to manipulate the DiVinci surgery robot.  The students were truly amazed by this experience.  The Northwell team gave our students insight into cutting-edge technology in the medical field.


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