The Phoenix: Renaissance Poets Win 1st, 2nd in Poetry Contest

Feb 26 2019

James Dionisio ’20 won first place with his poem “Lunar Cycle,” and Rachel Siegel ’20 won second place with her poem “Hold Me Down (Shades)” in the Raynham Hall Valentine’s Day Poetry Contest. Both poems were published in last year’s Spring Issue of The Renaissance, Volume 31, Issue 2.

On Thursday, February 14, James and Rachel attended the Valentine’s Day Poetry Contest Awards Ceremony at Raynham Hall Museum in Oyster Bay. Out of a pool of over 70 strong competitors in the 10th-12th grade category, the judges were especially impressed by the works of James and Rachel.

On the achievement, James said, “It was a great opportunity and a great thrill to win. I love the Arts, so I’m proud, but looking forward to new work.”

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